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Amazing Earth Facts and Kids-Teach Respect For the Earth

Our home planet is an awesome subject that will be of immense fascination for kids. Adults who take it for granted often fail to appreciate it and automatically pass this state of mind on to their children. It's never too late to start on a journey of discovery of this wonderful abodeof mountains, rivers, glaciers, oceans, forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and canyons. Just think for a moment that all these amazing things are just air, earth, water, and fire in various combinations. 

amazing earth facts help children respect planet earth

Indescribable (DVD+CD)Then there are the eclipses, storms, tsunamis, tornadoes, northern lights or the Aurora Borealis, thunder and lightning—all of which are amazing earth facts that will kindle in kids a new-found respect and love for the environment in which we live. 

sugar planet
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Acquaint your kids first of all with the soothing breeze, the falling rain, the warming rays of the morning sun, and the awesome beauty of the setting sun. Instill in them awe and love for planet earth. Motivate them to participate in its sustainability.

teach children sustainability
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Even if you live in a city environment, make the time and the effort to go on country trips. A trip to the park or beach, fishing, trekking, hiking, and camping are all incredibly enlightening for kids. A simple game of trivia on earth is enough to help them appreciate the vastness of our abode. Later on, the internet or a subscription to National Geographic will take care of what you started. Planet Earth DVDs are of enormous interest to young kids who may soon get hooked on the planet and its sheer awesomeness.

help kids to get in touch with planet earth
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Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Special Edition)
Kids who grow up solely in big cities and in highrises all too often become disconnected and disenchanted with life as adults. They have trouble being grounded in solid relationships, and sometimes go back to nature with a vengeance, turning their backs entirely on society. Growing up in alienation from planet earth is a lack whose repercussions remain unexamined by the scientific faculty who are more engrossed in finding the particle matter.

kids and nature
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Life/Planet Earth CollectionPlanet Earth is not just an abode; it is also a grounding force that literally draws us towards it, often with resounding thuds, by its force of gravity. It is also a source of life, maternal sustenance, emotional comfort, boundless freedom, incredible physics, pure natural beauty, and the final release of mortality—all bound up in the five elements of fire, water, air, earth, and ether. Go on, get re-acquainted with this amazing planet and introduce your children to it as well.

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