Saturday, November 27

Fathers are Important for Kids

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Fathers are integral to raising happy, healthy children. Fatherhood is much more than footing bills or an annual Father's Day card. It is the stuff childhood memories are made of. Parenting is one job meant for two people, not really for one person multi-tasking like mad. Raising children well calls for enormous responsibilities and this is easier when two reasonably intelligent adults embark on it as a joint venture.

A Father's Role
Fathers need not be considered just providers and protectors, though these time-honoured roles are the first things that come to mind when speaking of fatherhood. In the modern context however, it has become essential that fathers have a close emotional bond with their children rather than be some distant figure that comes home in the evenings and retires behind a newspaper or gets hypnotized by the TV. What's worse for kids would be the weekend Dad who is more a guest than a parent.

Tuesday, November 23

Parenting Question: Why Have Children?

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Child rearing takes a decent amount of common sense, which as some genius pointed out was not all that common after all. A good deal of love and caring and a genuine unselfishness where kids are concerned are mostly all it takes to make life for kids as pleasant as possible, if not at least bearable. Folks who are in short supply of any of these ingredients really should reconsider the big leap into parenthood.

child rearing
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Monday, November 22

Art and Craft for Older Children

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Complete Pillar Candle Making Kit: Learn how fast, easy & fun it is to make your own pillar candles. Perfect for beginners!Art and craft for the older child is replete with possibilities. It gives parents a chance to brush up on their dusty craft skills and show off a bit. This is certainly one of those things that make parenting fun. Take care, however, to curb your enthusiasm and not turn it into a full-fledged art and crafts competition with your 7 year old. With a minimum of time and effort, parents and kids get to spend relaxing and rewarding moments in each other's company. Say goodbye to those So what do you wanna do? long weekends with a happy schedule of arts and crafts. 

Sunday, November 21

Hobby Activities For Older Children

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Hobby activities for older children is quite an interesting aspect of parenting. I would even go so far as to say it's truly one of the perks of parenting. Here's your chance to get to know what makes that young mind tick, those eyes to shine, and that smile to get wider and stay that way.

Parental guidance is of course at a lower level than when your child was around 4 to 6 years of age. But certainly not totally out of the question. Parent's role now is to show interest, motivate, and help when needed. While an older kid might prefer to continue with his childhood hobbies, it might become necessary to shift gear, choose new activities befitting mental growth and age, and check out new fields of interests.

Friday, November 19

Single Child

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Single child families appear to be the norm these days, if you have noticed. Whether you blame recession, time-consuming careers, or simply parental choice, the only child is no longer an oddity, especially among the urban crowd. A comment by Mae on my posting on children and chores, got me thinking about this more or less modern phenomenon. Though I replied off the top of my head, the issue was positively ping-ponging between my ears all day long. I still can't decide whether a single child family is a good thing or not.

Monday, November 15

Children and Chores

Childhood Chores

Children and Chores; quite often the two don't mix. And if you attempt to do it the hard way, it could deteriorate into a pooch training session. This can only result in a lifelong allergy to the simple chores that bring balance and beauty to life. You've done well if you have brought up a child who does chores cheerfully.

Children and Chores
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Chores For Kids

Putting away toys, story books, shoes, folding small articles of clothes, setting the table, watering potted plants, and making beds, are a few they can start with and grow into. As a matter of fact, kids love to be involved right from the time they are old enough to move around and it is often the parents who say No! with the best of intentions, of course. It is true, though, it might call for the patience of a monk to let your 3 year old help you with folding clothes, a chore which might go into the extended version with director's cut when you could easily get the job done in the so-called jiffy.

Kids and Chores
Photograph courtesy Clarita

How To Get Kids to do Chores

When it comes to kids and chores the smartest thing to do would be to not make it sound like a bad thing or a drab job. Make it a fun project, or better yet, a game. Sing along as you pick up stuff, count as you put away toys, stack according to colour or kind, you get the idea. As the child grows up, you can ease off and let her do it all.

Little kids love to imitate what they see others do. You can make good use of this monkey see monkey do philosophy and include them in the little things you do around the house. As toddlers they love following in your footsteps, mostly getting in your way and tripping you over. But those are the baby steps of socializing which later on extends beyond the homefront to school, friends, and the public.

Children are easily put off by staccato instructions and nagging. That's a surefire way of putting them off chores for good. The idea is to put them in charge of a certain number of chores that need to be done. Make them feel important and applaud when they do a good job. Bring it up casually before other people and you'll see them glow with pride and take their job even more seriously.

Doing chores give kids a sense of responsibility and belonging
Photograph courtesy Mary R.

Of course there's not much you can delegate to kids from your busy schedule, but there are quite a few things they can do. This is something you decide since you know your child better than anyone else. Don't discourage them even if they impede your chores a little bit. You can put them in charge of one chore when young and promote them eventually. Kids soon get the idea that it is expected and taken for granted that these tasks will be done by them, just as the parents mow the lawn or do the laundry.

How Chores Help Kids

Children learn responsibility when they have regular chores to be done. On top of that, they experience the warm feeling of a job well done. It will certainly encourage self-esteem, concentration, innovative thinking and an ordered life style in your child. The very thought that the family depends on them to put away newspapers or water the plants makes them feel important and valuable members. It gives kids a feeling of independence. They will almost certainly grow into house-proud individuals who'll keep neat homes. Doing chores will definitely keep boredom at bay and their bedroom neat.

Saturday, November 13

One New Language

Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course (Topics in Applied Psycholinguistics)Stories about children who speak up to ten different languages are no longer that much of a rarity. Possibly the genes they inherited have a say in all that, but there are things the rest of us mere mortals can and should do to unearth potential that lie around like hidden gems in the most unlikely kid. Just because a child is into sport does not mean he is incapable of learning a new language.  If Asian kids can speak English, which is a second language for them, brilliantly, I don't see why native speakers of English should cringe when it comes to a new language.