Monday, November 22

Art and Craft for Older Children

Tips to Enrich Your Child's Life!

Complete Pillar Candle Making Kit: Learn how fast, easy & fun it is to make your own pillar candles. Perfect for beginners!Art and craft for the older child is replete with possibilities. It gives parents a chance to brush up on their dusty craft skills and show off a bit. This is certainly one of those things that make parenting fun. Take care, however, to curb your enthusiasm and not turn it into a full-fledged art and crafts competition with your 7 year old. With a minimum of time and effort, parents and kids get to spend relaxing and rewarding moments in each other's company. Say goodbye to those So what do you wanna do? long weekends with a happy schedule of arts and crafts. 

Arts and Crafts are So Many

Life Poster Maker Software: Make a Collage From Digital PhotosSeriously, art does not have to be the most expensive painting class in town. There is pencil sketching, acrylic and water colours, drawing, still life, cartooning, ceramics, sculpture, anime, manga, collage, murals, decoupage, origami, papier mache, collage, glass etching, glass painting, and a hundred others.

Similarly find one craft your child will be passionately interested in. You get to choose from bead work, needle point, tie-dye, soap making, jewellery making, greeting card designing, candle making, handicrafts, and much more.

BeadworkWinsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Water Colour Brushes size 6Crafts and arts for kids help them express themselves creatively, eliminate boredom, teach concentration, and builds self-confidence. She gets visible proof of her capabilities as projects take shape under her nimble fingers. Kid's crafts and art are also known to encourage individuality, intuition, visualising, creativity, right brain usage as opposed to linear logical learning based mostly on the left hemisphere of the brain.

Twisted Tie Dye MachineConsider art for the brain and emotional well-being of your child and the immense good it can do for your kid's development rather than let television take over her brain. Who knows, your child might eventually turn professional and make a happy, fulfilled living out of an art or craft that you helped instil in him.

While hands on activities close to nature and fresh air should ideally be given priority, there's also the great online world of art that you could look to for inspiration. Get some really incredible art lessons online that you'll enjoy doing along with your kids rather than merely supervising to check the splashing and spilling.

Traditional Glass Painting Made Easy: Lesson 1 Tracing / MattingThe crafts and arts session can be considered a winner if you've managed an entirely stressless event filled with smiles and whoops of joy. You've come up aces if you didn't answer the phone once or showed worry about the time gone by. You've work to do if you caught yourself directing the project other than leading by example or if you suggested colour choices presumably better than what your child proposed.

Peking Handicraft Hook Pillow, Blue Octopus, 18-by-18-InchChildren and art may not mix the first couple of times you attempt to do so. Please don't give it all up as impossible. Some kids take time to adjust to new stuff and may feel inadequate. Keep at it without pressurising your child in any way whatsoever.

Play soothing music in the background, have the least possible number of fixed rules, work as a team with your child as opposed to the do-it-alone-doodle, and share in the joy of completing a project. Of course, you know the rest—pride of place on the refrigerator door.

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  1. Hi, great tips to share quality time with my kids
    It will be cool to start them on a project basis that allow them to express their creativity.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Millie, and for taking the time to read my post. It might seem a simple thing to start your child on an art project, but you never know where it can lead :)


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