Saturday, February 26

Teaching Kids About Money Early Makes Them Money Savvy

Teaching kids money and the art of handling it successfully is something that never occurs to most parents. Like most other life skills, it is vital that parents introduce kids to money as early as possible. Teaching kids about money at an early age helps them appreciate its value and equips them to handle it wisely as adults. These days when credit card debts bring down national economies parents have a responsibility to educate their children about the importance of money in our lives and the best way to handle it.

teaching kids about money
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Tuesday, February 22

Sibling Rivalry and How to Deal With it

Sibling rivalry is the intense feelings of competition and jealousy that sometimes characterise the relationships of brothers and sisters. Would it be too far off the mark to suggest that these feelings are often inadvertently caused by parents themselves? While parents do not go all out to promote rivalry between siblings, often it is their passing comments and acts of omission that cause a child to see a sibling as a rival.

sibling rivalry in childrearing

Parents may, often inadvertently, lean towards one of their children due to various reasons. This could be because this child is especially gifted and brings them unlimited bragging rights, or because this child is particularly well-behaved when compared to an unruly sibling.

Saturday, February 12

How to Stimulate Right Brain Left Brain Thinking in Kids

How to Stimulate Right Brain Left Brain Thinking in Kids

Kids love to talk. And they can talk for astonishingly long periods of time on something as trivial as a hopping bird or a shiny, smooth pebble. Sometimes they come up with incredible observations and thought-provokers that may never occur to an adult mind.

left brain right brain thinking in kids
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Friday, February 4

How to Please Your Teenager

Pleasing your teenager is not something that is likely to crop up when you're at your wits end trying to somehow balance the need to make a living and the art of staying sane. And anyway, you are more likely to reach for that credit card when the need to please your teen does inevitably crop up around birthdays and other such annual events.

Thursday, February 3

Respect for the Opposite Gender

A lack of respect for the opposite gender is one of the reasons some heterosexual relationships are doomed. Both men and women bloom and grow in a relationship where they are treated with respect. One of the ingredients that comprise true love is respect; the others would be patience, understanding, and honesty.

teach children respect for the opposite gender

Wednesday, February 2

Respect For Public and School Property

Troubled teens usually reach for a spray can before they would reach out for help. They take their anger and frustration out on public property in a statement that dares and defies the community. This may be seen as an attempt to disrupt what they believe to be a harmonious society that treats them as unwanted menaces and appears to have what they lack.

Teaching how to show respect for public property is an important childrearing tip