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Friday, February 4

How to Please Your Teenager

Pleasing your teenager is not something that is likely to crop up when you're at your wits end trying to somehow balance the need to make a living and the art of staying sane. And anyway, you are more likely to reach for that credit card when the need to please your teen does inevitably crop up around birthdays and other such annual events.

Friday, December 31

Troubled Teenagers and Parents

How To Change Teenager's Behavior

Troubled teenagers are an increasing part of the modern teen demographics. As folks who have been there, it is vital for parents to lend all active support they are capable of before the matter gets out of hand and enters the teenage suicide statistics. Teenage is a time of dizzying ups and downs where emotions, physical changes, hormones, and even friends and finances are concerned. The one thing that remains steady and lets this rocking boat harbor safely should be the home.

Saturday, December 26

Helping Teens Can Be Touchy

Enriching Your Teen's Life!

Helping teens is sometimes just basic instinct for the older and wiser. Parents of teens often can't help but hand out suggestions, hints, and well-meaning advice. Well, the only other thing more common in a house-hold with teens is the steady resistance to all that from the part of the teen-being. Helping teens is no cake walk and is certainly different from buckling the toddler into his car seat.

Friday, December 18

Teen Stress

Tips to enrich your teen's life!

Teen stress is underrated and often overlooked in the face of other more obvious issues that plague the teen being. Teens appear fearless and mostly move around with an air of bravado, especially if in a group. But they have their fears and insecurities. This may not be what a full-grown adult might be wrestling with, nevertheless these fears are real and seem catastrophic at the time. May be some day, they might laugh over it between discussions of what works for thinning hair and how to get rid of that beer belly. Well, here's one such anecdote, exaggerated beyond reason, of course.

Thursday, December 10

Teenage Angst

Teenage angst is no fairytale; it's as real as a pimple at the tip of your nose and just as painful. Of course there's the fun and games, the tweeting and the wiing. Apparently this is the only period of human life when staying awake till break of day and sleeping in till 2 p.m. leaves no telltale damage. Well, those are the breaks, and then there are the angsty aspects.

Monday, December 7

About Your Teen

Your teen does not come with a user's manual. And just for that reason, some parents treat them like damaged household goods that they no longer have any use for, and consequently pay them as much attention as you would to the broken down vaccuum cleaner lying around in the garage.

"Honey, do you remember that first vaccuum cleaner we got 15 years ago?" "Of course, it must be somewhere in the house, the garage, or the basement. I'm not sure exactly where though. Why do you ask?"