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Drinking Clean Fresh Water is a Healthy Habit

Drinking water that is clean and fresh regularly is an invaluable healthy habit parents can instill in kids right from the beginning stages of life. If you can programme them to equate thirst with clean fresh water rather than soft drinks, you've done them an immense favour in terms of parenting. Honestly, can anything taste sweeter than fresh water after an energising fitness workout?

drinking water is a healthy habit
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Why drink water?

Water is the elixir of life. But we often wait till we're literally parched before we think of having some.  Head aches, constipation, sinusitis, kidney stones, and about fifty other illnesses have been attributed to not drinking enough water. Water keeps your skin clear, your brain and other major organs working optimally, and your blood pure and circulating well.

  • Breathe Easy
Dehydration dries out the lungs and constricts air passages causing mucus to build up and get heavy. Asthmatics could therefore benefit from a healthy water drinking habit. They can also use water in the form of steam for a quick dose of hydration of the air passages.

  • Lose Flab
You gain fat when your metabolism slows down. This happens not only with the onset of middle age but also when you are dehydrated. Your body is unable to process fat efficiently when it is dehydrated and stores it around your midriff and other trouble spots. 

  • Skin Tonic
Water should be first on your list for taut, glowing skin. It keeps skin tissues in perfect repair, moisturised, and elastic. All of which means younger looking skin at no extra cost. 

  • Back Pain
Most of us know dehydration can bring on head aches. Well, it can also bring about one of those inexplicable back aches. If you get one for no reason, you might want to drink water before hobbling off to the chiropractor. 

Water- A Healthy Habit

Often children, and sometimes even adults, are not capable of distinguishing between thirst and hunger. What we mistakenly believe to be hunger pangs can be quenched with a glass of fresh water. Drink a glass of water at the start of day, first thing on returning home from work or school, when you feel a head ache building up, and many times during the day even if you're not particularly thirsty.

Water is also available in other avatars than in a glass full of clear liquid. Think water melon, cucumbers and other luscious raw fruits and vegetables. On this note, it would be wise to avoid large quantities of fruit juice, even if processed at home.  They contain large amounts of fructose which converts to sugar in your body and can do more harm than good.  Ideally you should dilute them with equal amounts of clean fresh water.

Commercially available processed fruit juices are best avoided completely for these are storehouses of calories, caffeine, and sugar. They can be addictive, and cause kids to be uncontrollably hyperactive. Kids high on these sugar laden drinks don't usually have an appetite for good healthy food and may fall prey to malnutrition.

Water-What Not to Do

  • Do not drink ice-cold water straight from the fridge.
  • Try to use a quality water filter for drinking water.
  • Do not drink large quantities just before, after or during a meal.
  • Drinking cold water with large meals impedes digestion.
  • But it's a good idea to have a small glassful before a meal. You can have this with a dash of lemon in the form of an appetiser.
Drinking Water Storage

Drinking water should not be stored in cheap plastic containers and bottles.Use good quality glass bottles or clay pots and jars to preserve the purity and freshness. Parents need to ensure there is good clean drinking water available at the ready for kids to have whenever they feel like. Encourage your children to use it frequently, refill it, and keep it clean. This helps to create an awareness about this healthy habit in kids. 

Ideally,tap water should be purified before consuming using a good quality water purifier. These can be expensive, but considering its health benefits it is certainly something worth splurging on. You could also consider cheaper,yet effective alternatives such as Brita water purifier. As parents, it would be wonderful if you can educate your kids as to the importance of drinking clean fresh water and making a healthy habit of it.

If you know of or can think of any other benefits of drinking water, I'd appreciate you sharing it here. Thanks.


  1. I have stopped keeping water in the fridge to prevent my kid from drinking cold water directly from the fridge. And believe me it worked.

  2. Hi Anon, That was one smart move:)

  3. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child is getting enough water in their diet. Most of the kids don’t like water and they rather prefer carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices. Trying to convince them about the benefits of drinking pure clean water can be a big task…It's best to lead by example.

  4. Our University of Alabama patented personal solar desalination product (U.S. Made) uses no electricity, can be taken anywhere and extracts pure water from any contaminated water source. It removes radiation, fluoride, salt, pesticides, bacteria, dirt and other contaminants from any water. Be prepared for disasters, save hundreds on bottled water and utility bills.

    1. That's wonderful news, Gary. Thanks for sharing. I just love it when technology is used for the greater common good than just political and commercial monopoly. There's hope for the future generation yet. Cheers!


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