Monday, December 20

Piggy Bank for Christmas

Personalized Pink Ceramic Piggy Bank Gift

Personalized piggy banks make ideal gifts for the holiday season. Pig coin banks not only make loveable toys, they also inculcate money savvy habits that can set them confidently on the path of financial awareness. Personalized piggy banks ensure your child's individual tastes and preferences are taken care of rather than just foisting any random piggy bank on them with the direct order to "Save money!"

Bees & Blooms Piggy Bank
Pig coin banks have been around since Adam was in primary. Even if not in the shape of the loveable pig, the concept has been found in all cultures. The saving habit is a very useful one to hand down to your kids. This is especially true in these times of credit card based lifestyles that has kids grow up believing a piece of plastic can get them whatever they want. They have no clue as to what that entails or the responsibilities that bring about. Kids only see the parent hand over the card, swipe, sign, or thump some numbers, and walk out of the shop with everything they'd come for. This is not a good impression and this is where the piggy bank can help.

Personalized Blue Ceramic Piggy Bank Gift
Piggy bank habit needs to be inculcated early. In fact as soon as you start giving your children a steady allowance, you can gift them with the piggy coin bank. Show them how to save a few cents off a dollar and watch it grow. The piggy coin bank is ideal for this. Your child will be mesmerized by the clink and want to add as much as he can. One fine day you get to open the little piggy coin bank and she will be amazed at what she has amassed.
Elegant Baby Classic Pig Bank with White Polka Dots - Green
Take this piggy coin bank to the bank rather than to the market and start a savings account for kids for your little finance magnate. Let her watch how her money earns interest and is secure in the bank. The piggy bank will by then become a happy habit that you no longer have to enforce. By the time the child has grown into a teenager with a part time job, he will know exactly what to spend his money on and how to save the rest.

Mud Pie Baby Ceramic Polka-Dot Piggy Bank, Purple/White
So, this holiday season, get your child a piggy bank, or even better, a personalized piggy bank that they will truly cherish. You can get unbreakable plastic piggy banks for younger kids. For older kids, consider the ceramic piggy bank or even the clay piggy bank that can be broken safely when full. Pig coin banks are a sure hit with little kids who always find coins. Show them a better place to pop them in other than their mouths.

Just click on these images if you'd like to get them or go to eStore for more choices. Have a Merry Christmas with your kids and a Happy New Year. 

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