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Parenting Questions That Need Answers

Parenting Questions

Life for kids is no longer the care-free, fun-filled stage of life that most adults claim they'd breezed through in their time. I've come to such a conclusion seeing as how kids are restrained by a number of factors that curb their freedom, add pressure, and suppress their natural bonhomie. On the other hand there seems to be an unlimited access to areas that they are not quite ready to be dabbling in. To be precise, kids seem to be where they shouldn't be and are not where they should be. A few ills as I see it are;

child rearing
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Child Rearing Issues
• Child rearing is left to various forms of media entertainments, peer groups, and to the kids themselves.

• There is no core of adult governance that lays down the dos and don'ts in crystal clear terms.

• Parents appear more concerned about their own affairs and give minimum priority to kid's affairs.

• Parents are clueless as to child rearing and often can't think beyond food and shelter.

• There is no attempt to build up an ethical core in the child.

• Once past the age of 8, kids have formed their own guidelines and values which may become die-hard habits, for good or bad.

• Parents wake up when their kids emerge as troubled teens and then make feeble attempts at child rearing which they should have done at least 10 years earlier.

• The blame for these ill-formed young beings are deflected to other sources and parents are condoned as poor unlucky victims when they should be held responsible.

troubled teens
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Parenting Good Sense

Parenting advice is everywhere, but it fails to make sense when you're in the middle of it all. For those of us who care and want to show it there's help and support available, if only you'd step outside the box crafted by society, the authorities, and sometimes even traditions. Of course, I don't deny they all mean well, but I really don't think child care is something that can be laid down as regimented rules. It's more like guidelines that help steer a path that you often beat through on your own.

Parenting technique made cheerful is my intention as far as my blog is concerned and I sincerely appreciate you staying with me so far. My next post onwards you'll find one childrearing tip at a time to help kids have a normal and fruitful life as kids really are entitled to. No psycho-mumbo-jumbo; just plain old-fashioned stuff that'll leave you wondering why you didn't think of them yourself. You'll be amazed at how easy and simple these parenting tips will be to follow.